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Sunday, December 09, 2018

Learn Mandarin Grammar: The Difference between 则 and 却

Here we will learn the difference between and when both means 'but'.
Grammar: S1VP1,而S2/VP2.
This grammar pattern is usually used to describe two contrasting situations. can replace , when is used, it expresses stronger contrasting meaning than .
Example 1:
I like noodle, but he likes bread.
a.我喜欢面条,喜欢面包。(stronger contrasting meaning than )

Example 2:
Once he was very ill, he requested a leave from the company, but the company did not agree.
a) 一次他病得厉害,向公司请假,公司不同意。(stronger contrasting meaning than)
b) 一次他病得厉害,向公司请假,公司不同意。

Example 3:
Last year, the cars output fell off by 30% year-on-year, but the Chinese market grew 20% against the market.
a) 去年汽车产量同比下降30%,中国市场逆市增长20%. (stronger contrasting meaning than)
b) 去年汽车产量同比下降30%,中国市场逆市增长20%.

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