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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Learn to Translate: Chinese to English - automobile field

 1. 挪威电动车充电器品牌Easee宣传向马斯克喊话

The Norwegian electric car charger brand “Easee” promotes and persuades to Musk

2. Easee是2018年在挪威斯塔万格推出的一个电动汽车充电器品牌,这次该品牌希望埃隆马斯克在去参加会议的时候顺便拜访下他们家
Easee is a brand of electric car chargers, which was launched in Stavanger, Norway in 2018. This time the brand wishes for Elon Musk to pay their home a visit conveniently when he is participating the conference.

3. 因此,该品牌推出了这支向马斯克喊话的宣传影片,影片中出现了许多和马斯克相关的元素,
Therefore, the brand launched this promotional video to persuade Musk, and there are many elements related to Musk in the video.

4. 而他和朋友们也在跟马斯克学习进行创业,画面上巨大的火箭发射,然后撞击山头等等。
And he and his friends are also learning from Musk to do an entrepreneurship. Then on the scene, the huge rocket is fired, and then hits the mountain top, etc.

5. 但这个创始人也表示,他们更感兴趣的东西是拯救自己的星球(开发充电器),而不是殖民火星,所以他在推特上向马斯克发推文,邀请他在8月底能顺便来拜访一下...
But the founder also said that they were more interested in saving their planet (by developing the chargers) than colonizing the Mars planet, so he tweeted Musk on Twitter, inviting him to pay them a visit conveniently for a while at the end of August...

Monday, August 08, 2022

Learn to Translate Indonesian to English: Medical Report

 1. Tampak Corakan bronkovasculer meningkat

EN: Bronchovascular markings appear increased

2.       Tampak honey-comb appearance di lapang bawah pulmo dextra dengan perselubungan inhomogen disekelilingnya

EN: It appears honey-comb appearance in the bottom area of pulmo dextra covered by an inhomogeneity around it

3.       Tulang tulang intak

EN: The bones intact

4.       Suspek Infected bronchiectasis di lapang bawah pulmo dextra

EN: Suspected Infected bronchiectasis in the bottom area of pulmo dextra       

Learn Chinese Vocab: 弯路(wān​lù) vs 弯路

 1. 弯路 =detour, roundabout route 弯路 下山不减速的原因 , 司机开不快就会被乘客骂 。 The reason for not slowing down while going a downhill detour is the drive...