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Monday, August 08, 2022

Learn to Translate Indonesian to English: Medical Report

 1. Tampak Corakan bronkovasculer meningkat

EN: Bronchovascular markings appear increased

2.       Tampak honey-comb appearance di lapang bawah pulmo dextra dengan perselubungan inhomogen disekelilingnya

EN: It appears honey-comb appearance in the bottom area of pulmo dextra covered by an inhomogeneity around it

3.       Tulang tulang intak

EN: The bones intact

4.       Suspek Infected bronchiectasis di lapang bawah pulmo dextra

EN: Suspected Infected bronchiectasis in the bottom area of pulmo dextra       

Learn Chinese Vocab: 弯路(wān​lù) vs 弯路

 1. 弯路 =detour, roundabout route 弯路 下山不减速的原因 , 司机开不快就会被乘客骂 。 The reason for not slowing down while going a downhill detour is the drive...