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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Learn Chinese Vocab: 弯路(wān​lù) vs 弯路

 1. 弯路=detour, roundabout route

弯路下山不减速的原因, 司机开不快就会被乘客骂

The reason for not slowing down while going a downhill detour is the driver will be scolded by the passengers if he does not drive fast.

2. 弯路(wān​lù= (fig.) wrong way (of doing sth)):不直的路。多比喻因不得法(dé​fǎ=(doing sth) in the right way)或失误(shī​wù=to make a mistake)而花费(huā​fèi=to spend)冤枉(yuān​wang=not worthwhile)工夫(gōng​fu=effort)的方法。

More metaphors for not doing the right thing or making a mistake and the way of making an unworthwhile effort.

比如:吸烟,喝酒,赌博(dǔ​bó=to gamble),吸毒(xī​dú=to take drugs),卖淫(mài​yín= prostitution),偷盗(tōu​dào=to steal)等。

1. 让男人女人在恋爱中少走弯路(wān​lù)

Let men and women avoid detours in love

2. 希望我的经验能够让你避免(bì​miǎn=to refrain from)走弯路了。

I hope my experience can help you avoid doing something in wrong way.

Learn Chinese Vocab: 参与(cānyù) vs参加

参与(cān​yù=to participate in something): as you are personally invested in the participation of something as organizer/servicer.

参加 is a bit more relaxed, so you’re participating but not necessarily heavily invested.

1. 他参与(cān​yù)了奥运会 (他很可能是作为奥运会的组织者(zǔzhī​zhě=organizer)或为(wei4)服务者(servicer))

He has participated in the Olympics (He was likely to be the organizer or the servicer of the Olympics).

2. 他参加了奥运会(他很可能是奥运会的运动员)

He has participated in the Olympics (He was likely to be an Olympics athlete).


Learn Chinese Vocab: 普遍(pǔbiàn) vs普通(pǔtōng


普遍(pǔbiàn) means "common" as an adjective, and "generally speaking" as an adverb (副词(fùcí)).

1. 我觉得这是一个普遍(pǔbiàn)的社会问题。

I think this is a common social problem.

2. 最近有报道(bao4dao4)(cheng1),中国孩子压力普遍(pǔbiàn=generally)较大。

There was a report recently that stated that China children' stress are generally relatively large.

3. 韩国人对我国普遍(generally)印象(yin4xiang4= impression)怎么样?

What is the general impression of Koreans on our country?

B. 普通(pǔ​tōng):一般用来形容人和物(is commonly used to describe people and things)。普通 is only used as an adjective

1. 他穿的衣服很普通(ordinary, nothing special)

The clothes he wear is very ordinary.

2. 这个人长得很普通。

This person looks very ordinary.

3. 普通人说普通话,穿普通衣。

Ordinary people speak Mandarin and wear ordinary clothes

4. 这个头像很普通,人人都有。

This avatar is very common, everyone has it.

If something is "common" this means that many people can relate to it or have it. If something is "ordinary" this means that it is plain or not special.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Learn to translate Chinese>English: Cloud Computing

1. 人工智能AI是一个构建build能够can推理reason 、学习learn和行动act的计算机computers和机器machines的科学领域field of science,这种推理inference、学习learn和行动act通常often需要require人类智力human intelligence,或者涉及involve超出beyond人类human分析analyze能力ability的数据data规模scale

AI is the field of science, which builds computers and machines that can inference, learn, and act. These kinds of inference, learn, and act often require human intelligence or involve data on a scale beyond a human's ability to analyze.

2. AI 是一个广博extensive的领域field ,涵盖covers许多不同的学科academic discipline,包括计算机科学computer science、数据分析data analysis和统计statistics、硬件hardware和软件software工程engineering、语言学linguistics、神经学neurology,甚至even哲学philosophy和心理学psychology

AI is an extensive field that covers many different disciplines, including computer science, data analysis and statistics, hardware and software engineering, linguistics, neurology, and even philosophy and psychology.

3. 在业务business使用use的操作operational层面level上,AI 是一组set主要primarily基于based on机器学习machine learning和深度学习deep learning(AI) 的技术technologies,用于use for 数据data 分析analysis、预测prediction、对象object分类classification、自然语言处理natural language processing/NLP、推荐recommendation、智能intelligent数据data 检索retrieval等等。

At the operational level for business use, AI is a set of technologies primarily based on machine learning and deep learning for data analysis, prediction, object classification, natural language processing, recommendation, intelligent data retrieval, and more.

4. 在业务business使用的操作operational层面上,AI 是一组set主要primarily基于based on机器学习machine learning和深度学习deep learning的技术technologies,用于数据分析data analysis、预测prediction、对象分类object classification、自然语言处理natural language processing、推荐recommendation、智能数据检索intelligent data retrieval等等。

At the operational level for business use, AI is a set of technologies, primarily based on machine learning and deep learning, which is used for data analysis, prediction, object classification, natural language processing, recommendation, intelligent data retrieval, etc.

5.人工智能可以采用used多种方式进行to do组织organize,具体specifically取决dependingon开发develop阶段stage或正在being执行performed的操作operation

AI can be used to organize in a variety of ways, specifically depending on the stage of development or the operation being performed.

6. 反应式机器:有限的 AI,仅only根据according to预编程preprogrammed规则rulesfor不同different类型types的刺激stimuli做出反应react to

Reactive Machines: Limited AI only responds to different types of stimuli according to the pre-programmed rules.

7. 不使用内存memory,因此无法unable 通过新数据进行学习。

AI doesn’t use the memory, therefore it’s not able to learn from new data.

8. 1997 年击败defeated国际象棋冠军加里Garry •卡斯帕罗夫Kasparov IBM 深蓝Deep Blue超级计算机supercomputer就是反应式机器reactive machine的一个例子example

IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer, which defeated International Chess Champion Garry Kasparov in 1997, is an example of a reactive machine.

9. 有限内存:大多数现代 AI 都被视为considered具有to have有限内存limited memory AI

Limited memory: Most modern AI is considered as AI with (having) a limited memory.

10. 它可以can通过使用use新数据new data(通常usually是通过through人工神经网络artificial neural network或其他other训练training模型model)进行训练,从而thus使用内存memory随着时间over time的推移developsand改进improves

It can be trained by using new data (usually through an artificial neural network or other training model), thus by using memory, it will develop and improve over time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Learn to Translate: Chinese to English - automobile field

 1. 挪威电动车充电器品牌Easee宣传向马斯克喊话

The Norwegian electric car charger brand “Easee” promotes and persuades to Musk

2. Easee是2018年在挪威斯塔万格推出的一个电动汽车充电器品牌,这次该品牌希望埃隆马斯克在去参加会议的时候顺便拜访下他们家
Easee is a brand of electric car chargers, which was launched in Stavanger, Norway in 2018. This time the brand wishes for Elon Musk to pay their home a visit conveniently when he is participating the conference.

3. 因此,该品牌推出了这支向马斯克喊话的宣传影片,影片中出现了许多和马斯克相关的元素,
Therefore, the brand launched this promotional video to persuade Musk, and there are many elements related to Musk in the video.

4. 而他和朋友们也在跟马斯克学习进行创业,画面上巨大的火箭发射,然后撞击山头等等。
And he and his friends are also learning from Musk to do an entrepreneurship. Then on the scene, the huge rocket is fired, and then hits the mountain top, etc.

5. 但这个创始人也表示,他们更感兴趣的东西是拯救自己的星球(开发充电器),而不是殖民火星,所以他在推特上向马斯克发推文,邀请他在8月底能顺便来拜访一下...
But the founder also said that they were more interested in saving their planet (by developing the chargers) than colonizing the Mars planet, so he tweeted Musk on Twitter, inviting him to pay them a visit conveniently for a while at the end of August...

Monday, August 08, 2022

Learn to Translate Indonesian to English: Medical Report

 1. Tampak Corakan bronkovasculer meningkat

EN: Bronchovascular markings appear increased

2.       Tampak honey-comb appearance di lapang bawah pulmo dextra dengan perselubungan inhomogen disekelilingnya

EN: It appears honey-comb appearance in the bottom area of pulmo dextra covered by an inhomogeneity around it

3.       Tulang tulang intak

EN: The bones intact

4.       Suspek Infected bronchiectasis di lapang bawah pulmo dextra

EN: Suspected Infected bronchiectasis in the bottom area of pulmo dextra       

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Learn to Translate: Chinese>English>Indonesian

1. FDA(by, introduces passive verb)美国国会即(=就是, namely) 联邦政府federal government授权to authorize,是专门specialist从事(=做某事, to work on) 食品food与药品drug管理management的最高highest执法law enforcement机关agency,也是一个医生、律师、微生物学家microbiologist、化学家chemists和统计学家statisticians等专业人士professional组成composed的致力dedicatedto保护protect、促进promote和提高improve国民National健康health的政府government卫生health管制control的监控monitor机构agency
FDA which is authorized by the U.S. Congress, namely the federal government, is the highest law enforcement agency, specializing in food and drug management. It is also a professional composed of doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, chemists, and statisticians dedicated to protection, promotion, and improves National Health Monitoring Agency for Government Health Control.
FDA yang disahkan oleh Kongres AS, yaitu Pemerintah Federal, adalah lembaga penegak hukum tertinggi, yang mengkhususkan diri dalam manajemen makanan dan obat-obatan. FDA juga merupakan para profesional yang terdiri dari doktor, pengacara, ahli mikrobiologi, ahli kimia, dan ahli statistik yang didedikasikan untuk melakukan perlindungan, promosi, dan meningkatkan Badan Pemantau Kesehatan Nasional untuk Pengendalian Kesehatan Pemerintah.

2. 其它other许多Many国家countries都通过through寻求seeking和接收accept FDA 的帮助assistance来促进promote (an idea)并监控monitortheir本国one's own country产品product的安全security
Many other countries promote and monitor the safety of their own products by seeking and accepting FDA assistance.
Banyak negara lain mempromosikan dan memantau keamanan produk mereka sendiri dengan mencari dan menerima bantuan FDA.

3. 美国FDA 是美国政府government在健康Health与人类Human服务Servicesdepartment (DHHS) 下属underling的公共卫生public health(PHS) 中设立established的执行executive机构agencies之一one of
The US FDA is one of the executive agencies established by the US government in the Department of Public Health (PHS) under the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
FDA AS adalah salah satu lembaga eksekutif yang didirikan oleh pemerintah AS dalam Departemen Kesehatan Masyarakat (PHS) di bawah Departemen Kesehatan dan Layanan Kemanusiaan (DHHS).

4. FDA主要mainlyconsists of测试testing和注册registration两个内容substances,医疗器械medical equipment化妆品cosmetic食品food药品类产品需要require进行FDA注册registrationFDA注册registration可以直接directlyFDA官方official网站website上进行to do申请applied
FDA mainly consists of two substances, i.e. testing and registration. Medical equipment, cosmetic, food and drug products require FDA registration. FDA registration can be applied directly on the FDA official website.
FDA terutama terdiri dari dua substansi, yaitu pengujian dan pendaftaran. Produk peralatan medis, kosmetik, makanan dan obat-obatan mengharuskan pendaftaran FDA. Pendaftaran FDA dapat diterapkan langsung di situs web resmi FDA. 

Learn Chinese Vocab: 弯路(wān​lù) vs 弯路

 1. 弯路 =detour, roundabout route 弯路 下山不减速的原因 , 司机开不快就会被乘客骂 。 The reason for not slowing down while going a downhill detour is the drive...