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Monday, September 02, 2019

Learn Chinese Grammar:尽管(jǐnguǎn=even though) vs. 虽然(suīrán =even though) :

When it means "even though", 尽管(jǐnguǎn) is stronger in meaning and tone than 虽然(suīrán). 尽管 indicates that in spite of a certain fact, it makes no difference with the prior situation, 尽管and 还是 should be used together. 虽然 may or may not have this implication.
Example 1:
Even though my body is abroad, but my heart is still at home.
a. 尽管(jǐnguǎn =even though)我人(wǒrén= my body)(zài=at)国外(​guówài=abroad),但(dàn=but)(wǒ=I)(xīn=heart)还是(háishi=still)(zài=at)(jiā​=home)(de)(stronger than 虽然)
b. 虽然(suīrán=even though) 我人(wǒrén= my body)(zài=at)国外(​guówài=abroad),但(dàn=but)(wǒ=I)(xīn=heart)还是(háishi=still)(zài=at)(jiā​=home)(de)

Example 2:
Even though I am abroad, but I never get homesick.
a. 虽然(suīrán=even though)(wǒ = I)(zài=at)国外(​guówài=abroad),但(dàn=but)(wǒ=I)从来不(cóngláibù=never)想家(xiǎngjiā=homesick)
b. 尽管(jǐnguǎn=even though)(wǒ= I)(zài=at)国外(​guówài=abroad),但(dàn=but)(wǒ=I)从来不(cóngláibù=never)想家(xiǎngjiā=homesick)- Wrong Sentence (The sentence should contains the "still" meaning - because 尽管and 还是 should be used together).

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